Thank you for taking time to learn more about my practice and how I can be of support to you.

I am licensed as both a psychologist and school psychologist in Colorado. I specialize in working with individuals with developmental disabilities ages 5-70. These may include neurodevelopmental disabilities such as autism, learning disabilities, sensory issues, or ADHD. They may also include disruptions in development due to trauma or neglect, attachment problems, or brain injuries. Because so many people with neurodevelopmental disabilities also experience anxiety and/or depression, I also treat clients who do not have neurodevelopmental disabilities but have some level of anxiety and/or depression (usually both). Many of my clients are children and families, but I also work extensively with young adults struggling with ADHD and autism as they try to navigate college and work life. In addition to providing therapy and evaluations for individuals, I also provide training and consultation for parents and organizations in order to maximize the developmental potential of this population.




One thing that sets me apart from other practitioners is my knowledge of how to navigate schools, and past work as a school psychologist. Clients have commented that my knowledge of school norms and special education law has been extremely helpful in advocating for their children. Please see Services page to learn more specifically about how I might help you or your family. 


If you have any questions, or would like to speak please don't hesitate to contact me.